Educational Apps


Transforming data into charts allowing the audience to perceive the conveyed message at a glance.


Enable you form the desire equation or formula in order to help wide range of teachers to teach different types of subjects.

Cartesian plane

You can use Cartesian plane which is the most common feature used inside the class for many subjects.

Word trace tool

This will enhance the students’ handwriting when they write on sequenced dotted guidelines.

Quiz Builder

The ongoing use for the assessment tool makes the teacher knows in advanced the strengths and weaknesses of students understanding and comprehension.

Key Features

View modes

You can navigate between these various modes which meets your need.

Capture tools

Use Capture or Recorder tools to capture or record and insert it inside Ketab Studio™ stage.

Measurement Tools

Insert math tools and perform geometric operations such as measuring angles degrees, using protractor and drawing angles using compass.

Text Tools

You can find all that you need to create and format a text inside Ketab Studio™ pages.

Object tools

You can control the page objects by using some features such as objects alignment, snapping to grid Grouping and more features.

Pen tools

All users need these tools in the classroom.


You can use some utilities such as Timer, Stop Watch and Magnifier.


You can control ketab studio pages by using Page Layout, Page Header and Footer and more features.


You can import to and export from power point, word, PDF, image, HTML , Package (zip file) and IWB.

On-demand help

This feature will enable you to take quick function information about Ketab Studio™ feature.


Get across the most used educational websites smoothly and directly.

Text to Speech

You can write an English text and listen to it being read back to you two options read the whole text or read the single word upon mouse click.

Pen Recorder

This feature will facilitate recording all user activities (Pen or mouse events) smoothly for later replay.


that you can use it for preparing and illustrating lessons, searching, opening or adding new objects to Ketab Studio™.