Today we are going to talk about 2 features which work in Ketab Studio 4 Pro and Standard edition: Spotlight and Curtain.
Spotlight to focus anything on the screen enable to get full concentration of the student or the person who is viewing the presentation.

For example you can insert a picture and focus on any part of the picture also you can insert text and videos and use spotlight to focus attention on any part of the multimedia to get the needed attention.

Curtain on the other hand, will hide everything from the screen this can help in opening a discussion by showing a certain part of the screen for example the title so there can be discussion about it before showing the full text or images. It can also be applied in a quiz to hide the results and show the question. Also it can be applied in a picture asking student to try to discover “what is the picture?” Also the teacher can type a text and then hide it asking students if they memorized the text.

These are some of the applications of spotlight and curtain features on Ketab Studio 4.0 Stay tuned for more features discussion on Ketab Studio blog.